Nicole Dieckman   

The truth is, I don’t know who I am. The truth is I’m ever changing. Sometimes I’m exactly something, but then the world turns and so do I. I hate labels and boxes because I never fit. And maybe that makes me annoying for an art collector. Because I’m middle aged and even though I have a degree in art and have been at it my whole life, I don’t have a style that sticks, my style changes and evolves, like me. Maybe that’s even annoying to me. But I don’t care anymore, that’s the luxury that comes with being middle aged. I give myself permission to just be me. I no longer have a need to please anyone else with me art, it just comes out, when it comes out, when it needs too. And then there it is. I love it. And that’s all that matters.

Portfolio   www.NicoleDieckman.crevado.com

Contact   Nicole_Dieckman@Yahoo.com

Artist Statement and Bio

Nicole is a painter trained in and inspired by traditional black and white photography. 

For purchases and commissions please contact via email Nicole_Dieckman@Yahoo.com

No Gallery Representation

Previous exhibitions-

2014 Exhibition – April – Broadway Market Capitol Hill, Seattle WA


7 responses to “About”

  1. John says :

    Thanks for following my blog. It is greatly appreciated. I love your work. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you create. I’m hooked

  2. themofman says :

    Nicole, thanks for taking a look at the Hammer Home Street Photography Project a while back.

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