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Something for Mothers


I’ve decided to offer something special for mothers. For several reasons. One , being a mother of three, motherhood is something very dear to my heart.
It’s a continuing complex role. You create this life inside of you, feel them grow and kick, and watch your own body change as theirs develops. It can be painful, it’s definitely beautiful, always a turning point, incredibly magical, and uniquely wonderful beyond words.
Then they come out, and you have to share them with the rest of the world. But they are still very much a part of you. Nursing every 2-3 hours, sometimes only one. Still completely dependent in every way. They watch you, and feel you, listen to your voice, and your heartbeat, and then slowly they start to imitate you.
As they physically grow they separate more and more, they become you in a new way. And your role, my role, the mother’s role changes.
Eventually they stop nursing and their physical boundaries are more clear, they stop defining themselves as part of you, and you as theirs, and they start to recognize their individuality.
My youngest daughter is turning two next month. And she is reaching this milestone. It’s so bitter sweet because this time period is so special and so fleeting. I look at my two older and I know they don’t remember when they were part of me and as I watch them grow my memories become fuzzy as well.
Motherhood doesn’t end, it changes.
This time period where you share your person to make their person isn’t easy, it’s incredibly taxing, but it is the gift of life, one of the most beautiful parts of humanity, certainly rewarding, and something to cherish.

So there’s one reason I’m making this offer.
Secondly, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend of people openly bashing nursing mothers. Maybe it’s me or this is just the most disgraceful trend of all time. Mainly because of the above mentioned role of mothers, it seems like they deserve a little respect, doesn’t it? So I’m also doing this because I believe in the cause to normalize breast feeding. Because as it stands, there are way too many people that just can’t stand the sight of it and think it’s ok to point, laugh, and shame. Which, ironically, is very shameful itself, in my opinion.

So here’s the offer. Any mother that would like an original watercolor of a close physical moment between themselves and their baby/babies, I’m offering to paint that moment for you from any picture you have the rights to. (Meaning you or your husband or family member took the picture, not a professional photographer.) I want to represent the window in time where a baby still recognizes it’s mother as part of them. If that’s a pregnancy picture, or a nursing picture, or just a baby lying on a mothers chest. I think this phenomenon is undervalued in art, and in our own collection of images we treasure, even though we recognize it as a miracle at the time and in our memories. I want to celebrate it through art. I may crop or correct your photo for aesthetics before painting, but consult with you first.

I’m offering watercolor on watercolor paper to keep it affordable for everyone. (Email me or message my Facebook page for pricing and size preference). Because it’s personal I am not offering prints, your painting will be unique and yours. You can decide if you’d like a digital copy to be a part of an online gallery on my portfolio website and Facebook Artist page.