You Can Now Afford To Buy a Work of Art by Banksy (Sort Of)

Hmm.. What do you guys think about this guy, trying to make the art market more like the stock market?
My two cents-
If you want an investment you don’t hang on your walls, why not go stocks? But I guess if someone out there is adding value to art, introducing artists to more people, I guess I won’t complain?
I just feel like people are really looking too hard at a dollar sign and not the canvas at this point. If you can’t afford a Banksy, you still can’t afford one in this scenario, you can only afford to be an investor. You aren’t hanging a Banksy piece over your mantle. Banksy seems kind of a bad example though since he might show up on your street corner and paint one on your lawn, I’ll say Hirst. Good luck getting your hands on that. With this Wolf on Wall Street type or not.
But that’s not where you are supposed to enter the art market folks. The art market is not for the elite, or the investors, or the flippers, it’s for the lovers of art and the believers in artists. It’s for the buyers of art. The person who finds Hirst in a gallery somewhere before he’s Hirst and buys his diamond studded skull before it’s a million bucks and displays it proudly and properly for years with that sparkle in his eye that says, “I freakin love this artist and there is no way that one day the world won’t see what I see, and when they do, you’ll know what I really have… A piece worth a million freakin dollars.”
I’m just saying… That’s the person who belongs in the art market.
Maybe I’m wrong.


Have you ever dreamed of wading into the lucrative market of cutting-edge art, but lacked the funds to do so? A new art-buying platform called My Art Invest could help you purchase at least a piece of a piece of art.

The business, which launched an international website last week, is designed to allow art lovers to purchase shares in works by leading contemporary and street artists like Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Katrin Fridriks and more.

My Art Invest founder Tom-David Bastok, a 25-year-old one-time finance student, says that he was inspired to start the business because he wants “to make the art market more democratic.” Speaking to TIME in his newly opened gallery in London’s trendy Shoreditch neighborhood, Bastok says he wants to revolutionize the “elitist” way art has been previously bought and sold. “This is very important for us — that everyone can have access to the art market.”

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