Here’s my inspiration today.
I think it’s fair to call this sketching, since pictures like these are what lead to my paintings. I see a moment and I have to take it. I can’t leave it there, because I know it speaks every language and says a million words.

And then I paint. Painting is usually for the artist isn’t it? I’m no different. It’s mostly for me, but I do intend that a painting will share what I’ve learned while painting it.

When you, or I, paint a moment like this, what happens to you can’t be described. It’s a study. If that makes sense, I spend 30-40 hours (or however long depending on size) studying one moment. Listening to what it had to say. Letting it reach the part of me that knows how to listen.
And hoping I’m interpreting and passing along in a good enough way that people can hear that moment for generations to come.
I guess, as an artist, I just can’t let some moments pass. I feel a need to take, study, preserve, and share.


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About ndieckman

Artist. Writer. Yoga Teacher. Wife, and Mom of 3.

7 responses to ““Sketching””

  1. Ginnie says :

    I love this sketch!

  2. djw says :

    beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

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