Certificate of Authenticity for Artwork/Prints


Did you know there are strict laws in the state of California and New York (to name 2 of 14 states) about providing COA’s with Reproductions of artwork, such as a limited edition print?

Yep. If you are an artist, you might be feeling annoyed or just wondering what does that mean? You might be thinking, who cares, that doesn’t apply to my art prints, I’m the artist, I sign them. I wish that were true. However, even a signature on a print isn’t enough if you’d ever like your print to be sold to someone in the state of California, and the law in New York specifically states the artist is held responsible if they sell the print.

So, to protect yourself, and especially your collectors, or if you ever anticipate having a dealer, it is a good idea to provide a Certificate of Authenticity.

I personally, completely see the irony here of saying a piece of paper with a signature makes something more authentic than a piece of artwork with the same signature, but if it makes my collectors feel more secure in their purchase I’m happy to provide. And with New York and California being the biggest art markets in the US I’d like to give my collectors security in those states as well as the other 12 states with laws about it.

So, yes, I provide a COA with every print purchase. At this point in time I only sell limited edition collectable giclees as reproductions, I don’t sell cheap reproductions with open editions, I’m not sure that a COA matters in that context since those are not really collectable.

What’s in my COA?
You can see my sample above, it has all the details on the print. I follow the strictest laws, which are in California and New York to the best of my ability, I am not a lawyer. 🙂
I found the best information on the laws here-

And as a bonus! I draw a mandala on all my COA’s just for you. 🙂 because rubber stamps and stickers are way less authentic. AND you get my signature again. Lol.

Seriously though, I aim to please my collectors because making art is great, but I appreciate the people who value it just as much, they are like the caretakers of my babies. So I will always provide everything at the highest quality I’m aware of. 🙂


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