Join The Club: Art Collectors

Collector’s Club

The Collector’s Club is designed specifically for anyone who has purchased or owns an original work or works of art by Nicole Dieckman.

As a collector you receive special invitations (collector only events or special pre-openings), private studio tours (to see works in progress and works that have not been shown or being shown), updated art market information (where work is being shown or sold and the current value), newsletters with previews and information just for you!

It is important to me that my collectors have as open and personal relationship with me, the artist, as they would like. They will always have my personal email, my attention, and my gratitude. It is the art enthusiast that buys my work, owns my work, and shares my work that keeps it alive and gives it value. Without the collector my work can not flourish in its potential.

So this is my way of saying thank you and letting you know I value you as much as I value every other aspect of my work. Thank You.

Members of the Collector’s Club can contact me at any time and receive my immediate attention. Ask questions or share how the work has inspired you. Please let me know if you resell a piece, this information lets me know the value of my work. You will still be considered a member of the club.

Thank You!!!! ❤️

Junior Collector’s Club

Did you know limited edition giclee prints and limited edition giclee on canvas’ are collectable too?

I only print 100 giclee prints and 50 giclee on canvas’ of each of my works. That is a very limited amount, and makes them very collectable. Each limited edition giclee is signed by me and allows you into the Junior Collector’s Club.

The Junior Collector’s Club will receive newsletters keeping you up to date on all happenings with the artist, unique sneak peeks and special offers including holiday discounts and pre-order offers before new limited editions become released.

I appreciate all of you!! Thank you for loving and supporting my work. 🙂

Follow my blog to find out when pre-orders will be available for limited edition giclees for the show
A Fresh Perspective: A Closer Look at Humanity. I will be announcing soon! 🙂


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I'm an artist. I love art. Art love's me. We make a happy family. Oh art, my three kids and lovely husband. :-)

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