“Kiss” 24×24 Acrylic paint on canvas.

I’ve finally finished this masterpiece. Sigh. It’s hard to explain this moment. You know, the one that comes when a work you’ve put countless hours into is finally complete.
There’s relief, relief that you didn’t screw it up and it’s everything you hoped it would be.
There’s love and adoration, like a mother after she’s birthed a baby.
And attachment that’s accompanied by fear, because even though, as an artist, I didn’t create this piece to keep to myself, I now feel terrified of letting it go. By that, I mean letting it go anywhere, like even to its exhibition where something might possibly happen to it. Lol. So apparently I’m the over protective type.
But alas, in the end, I know this painting now has it’s own destiny, like all masterpieces do.
And that, well, it completes me. Which is why I’m an artist.


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About ndieckman

I'm an artist. I love art. Art love's me. We make a happy family. Oh art, my three kids and lovely husband. :-)

One response to “Masterpieces”

  1. John says :

    This is so good!! I’m really impressed with your art.

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