Painting hair (and pulling it out)


You know what I find intense? Painting hair across an already perfectly lovely face. Yep, I’m still twitching from the 2 hours worth of work you see above.

A beautiful face is much more intimidating than a blank canvas, which is really more exciting. If it were an ugly face then I’d be happy to cover it, but if you’ve done a good job on the face… Whew, hair is not easy. And have you noticed, it never gets the attention it should. People naturally obsess over a face, which most artists have been drawing since childhood, perfecting every time they pick up a pencil. You’ve noticed how many sketches of just an eyeball are out there in the world, right? But hair? Hair is skill. Pure skill. It can be beautiful, or a total disaster that ruins your painting. It’s always tempting to go the one line route, leave a couple flurries that fade out to the viewers imagination.

It’s not easy and it’s tedious, so of course, it’s thrilling when you finish and you’ve totally nailed a convincing set of locks. And then it’s addicting! Am I right?

So for the record, if you are an artist, I will always appreciate and admire your hair work. đŸ™‚

Obviously… I need to get back to work, that hair is not going to paint itself.


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I'm an artist. I love art. Art love's me. We make a happy family. Oh art, my three kids and lovely husband. :-)

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