Hi WordPress!

Hi! My name is Nicole Dieckman. This blog is being moved here from http://www.bloggingthesketch.weebly.com, so it’s new to wordpress but you can find older posts from me at the weebly address.

Here’s an intro to me-

Hi there, this is my first blogpost on my artist blog sooo… Awkward silence. (Cough) Soo.. I’m an artist. I have a degree. Yay. No one cares. đŸ™‚ I love art and do it whenever I can, all over the place, like I have art turrets, so my portfolio is just scratching the surface, besides painting I do a lot that doesn’t belong in a fancy pantsuit portfolio anyways… I forgot to mention I’m also juggling three small kids, yeah, literally, I throw one in the air while I’m catching another. ;-).
So, I wanted to make this blog. A place where I can share things I’m doodling and doing. My artsy world sketchbook style, without the stuffy pressed portfolio, resume, and breathtaking bio (yes, I’m that fascinating :-)).
My favorite thing I’m doing right now is working with kids. I volunteer as an art docent for my daughter’s first grade class twice a month and I love it. I love seeing little people discover art. It’s beautiful. I love teaching them the little tricks I have up my sleeve and the magic of little things like mixing paint.


Yeah, I taught first graders that. đŸ™‚ So welcome to my blog. You can always visit my portfolio at http://www.nicoledieckman.crevado.com
I’m also available for commission, if you need an artist email me, Nicole_Dieckman@yahoo.com


About ndieckman

I'm an artist. I love art. Art love's me. We make a happy family. Oh art, my three kids and lovely husband. :-)

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